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Infrared heater ISP
The infrared heater is a very thin electric heater with a smooth surface made of powder-coated metal or glass. When you switch it on, the innovative heating mat inside emits radiant heat over the entire surface. Infrared waves transfer the heat from the heating surface of the infrared heater in the direction in which it is pointing. The thermal radiation is absorbed by all solid bodies (people, furniture, walls, etc.) in the area in front of the infrared heater and radiated into the room. The warmth feels very pleasant: like the sun's rays on the skin or the warmth of a fire. Compared to conventional heaters, infrared heaters emit the heat in a targeted and selective manner, which reduces power consumption and saves energy costs.

Infrared heat feels pleasantly warm even at lower temperatures. Therefore, with an infrared heater, a lower heating temperature is sufficient compared to other electric heaters and conventional heaters. 
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