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Push Wire Inline, Series 2773
A product of: WAGO GmbH & Co. KG
WAGO’s PUSH WIRE® Inline Splicing Connector is ideal for connecting conductors in the smallest space. There are many possible applications for the PUSH WIRE® Inline Splicing Connector, like extending a short wire in a flush-mounted box or extending entire lines or repairing damaged cables. The PUSH WIRE® Inline Splicing Connector connects electrical conductors quickly, easily and reliably in the smallest space and best of all, it’s completely tool-free.
In the event of repair, this connector can also be used with a suitable shrink tube in flush-mounted applications thanks to maintenance-free spring clamp technology, making it a true troubleshooter and indispensable helper. Thanks to its compact design, several inline splicing connectors can be arranged one behind the other to save space.


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