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SMA Home Storage - Ease of installation. Long lifetime. Seamless integrability.
A product of: SMA Solar Technology AG
The SMA Home Energy Solution allows homeowners to unlock the full potential of sustainable energy. Integrating the SMA Home Storage makes the modular solution complete: everything from one provider. It perfectly complements SMA hybrid inverters enabling present and future solutions.

Installation of the SMA Home Storage is effortless, whether on the ground or against a wall. It scales smoothly between energy sectors and charges fast thus maximizing short periods of sunshine. Its slim and stackable design integrates with other SMA components in the modular SMA Home Solution, underscoring its seamless fit. SMA guarantees superior quality, durability, and a 10-year warranty for extensive usage.
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Mr. Jörg Schuster
SMA Solar Technology AG


SMA Solar Technology AG

Sonnenallee 1
34266 Niestetal

Tel.: +49 561 95220

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