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Optical satellite transmission system
A product of: Polytron-Vertrieb GmbH
The POLYTRON system on CWDM basis

The POLYTRON optical system uses the proven CWDM technology for the transmission of the SAT IF planes. Here, each SAT IF plane is assigned a fixed optical wavelength and the signal is made available at an optical output.
The fixed assignment of the individual planes has the advantage that there is no frequency shifting of the SAT IF planes, especially in frequency ranges above 2200 MHz that are difficult to control.

The advantages

- No stacking of signals: This makes the system less susceptible to interference.

- No wideband LNBs - standard LNBs can be used.

- High connectivity due to standard connectors.

- Easy and fast installation due to pre-assembled components.

- Reliable CWDM system: Best transmission system of optical signals.

- Direct conversion without further converters, no conversion from wideband to quattro necessary, as with many other systems.

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