23 to 25 September 2025 efa:ON
METZ CONNECT - Your partner for high-quality data network technology in fiber optics, copper and WLAN
A product of: METZ CONNECT GmbH
OpDAT MV - Multifunctional distributor
The highly flexible, individually equipable distributor housing for fiber optic and copper applications. The IP54 variant has 2 separately lockable doors without affecting the flexibility of further distribution. The IP65 variant with screwable cover offers high protection against dust and water and thus allows the use in harsher environments.
OpDAT WV - Wall-mounted distribution cabinet for multi-family houses
This new variant serves as a distribution cabinet for multi-family houses with up to 30 residential units. Strain relief system, single circuit & cassettes allow easy handling and a separate splice area of each housing unit.
OpDAT APL - Termination Point for the FITH Area
In addition to modern design, protection against third-party access and versatile installation options, the new FO termination point offers an optimal connection between the street network and building cabling and adds new application possibilities to the housing line.


Mr. Andreas Czaniera
Area Sales Management METZ CONNECT GmbH

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