23 to 25 September 2025 efa:ON
new Key Depot SD950
The Key Depot SD950-1S1 is designed for the theft-proof and copy-protected
safekeeping of building keys which allow the fire brigade fast and non-violent
access to the building.
At the factory it is prepared for one building key.
If necessary, it can be upgraded to accommodate up to six monitored building keys.
Overlong building keys can also be accommodated. Incorrect deposit of the building keys is signalled by a buzzer and a status display.
The temperature and humidity control of the heating that is built in as standard ensures unhindered opening of the outer door even at low temperatures and reduces condensation in the interior to a minimum.
The key depot can be connected via the key depot adapter AD900-1 to fire detection control panels
from any manufacturer.

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Mr. Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH) Wolf-Dietrich Marschall
Branch Manager MEP Gefahrenmeldetechnik GmbH

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