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PV Checks Pro
A product of: HT Instruments GmbH
All-in-one PV installation tester for acceptance testing, troubleshooting and recording the I-V characteristic curve of PV systems up to 1,500 V / 40 A.
- A single keystroke on GO is sufficient to perform all tests for commissioning according to EN 62446 and to record the I-V-characteristic curve
- Seamless mode" tests all strings in a generator junction box one after the other with a single keystroke
- I-V characteristic analysis of single and bifacial modules and PV strings up to 1,500 V / 40 A
- All installation tests (continuity, polarity, Voc, Isc, insulation) on live equipment
- GFL - Ground Fault Locator to determine the exact position of the insulation fault
- BMS - Battery Management System, so you are never left with a dead battery
- Color touch screen display with rotatable screen so that the device can also be hung upside down


Mr. Olaf Quednau
HT Instruments GmbH


HT Instruments GmbH

Am Waldfriedhof 1b
41352 Korschenbroich

Tel.: +49 2161 564581

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