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cable drum dispenser POWERTWISTER
A product of: COM-tec GmbH
Our environmentally friendly drum unwinder Powertwister has been specifically designed for you: With minimal effort, you can unwind, transport, or reposition drums with cables, pipes, ropes, chains, hoses, or wires.
The Powertwister is extremely robust, durable, and versatile: Unwinding from the drum is effortless. Additionally, it can be stored in a space-saving manner.
The Powertwister can be used quickly and conveniently. It is a loyal companion that is easy to operate and saves you time and personnel costs when unwinding from the drum. Expensive storage costs after use are also avoided. Furthermore, the most commonly occurring damage to the drum goods caused by forks, etc., is completely prevented.


Ms. Susanne Alvarado
sales representative COM-tec GmbH


COM-tec GmbH

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